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When and How to Take Food Supplements and Why They Are Important If There Is Vitamin Deficiency

supplementWhen and How to Take Food Supplements and Why They Are Important If There Is Vitamin Deficiency

The food that we eat can either be the most powerful medicine or the slowest poison.

The word “supplement” means to add something. When you are taking supplements in your diet, you can treat your medical condition and lead a healthy life. A supplement would not necessarily cure your particular health condition, as not all supplements are that much beneficial. They should be taken in mixed doses where they are combined with other medicines. Before deciding any food supplement, think if you need it or not, is it safe, how does it work and can you afford the supplement on a regular basis?

Diet – If You Can’t Balance It, Supplement It!

Vitamins and mineral supplements contain micronutrients that are essential for proper functioning of the body, and it improves the mental health of individuals. Herbal supplements are dietary supplements that have medicinal value. It supports certain parts of the body like liver, bones, etc. and supports the health of individuals. If you think you are having a well-balanced diet regularly, then certainly there is no need to supplement it. But if you know that you are not consuming a particular vitamin or mineral, then it is high time you seek medical assistance and ask your doctor if you can supplement your diet for that particular vitamin or mineral. Also, include fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats in your food, as eating good food cannot be surpassed by any additional supplements intake. However, some people can add extra nutrients to their diet by including these supplements.

The Goodbehind Good Food!

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act states that dietary supplements are products, which:

  • Complement the food you eat.
  • Contain one or more dietary ingredients like minerals, herbs, vitamins and many other substances.
  • Come in many forms like pills, tablets, liquid and capsules.

Health Benefits of Food Supplements in Case of Vitamin Deficiency

Health Benefits of Food Supplements in Case of Vitamin DeficiencyVitamins and minerals are micronutrients that serve a specific purpose and allow your body to function in a unique way. Deficiency of minerals and vitamins impairs an individual’s ability to heal and protect itself. Micronutrients have a unique effect on the mental health of people as well. Certain micronutrients can help in treating depression, anxiety, stress, autism, trauma, bipolar disorder, etc. By taking good food supplements, you can compose a healthy diet for yourself. Definitely it can beat the real-food, but if you cannot intake all the nutrients in your diet and having any vitamin deficiency, then these are good to go! Multivitamins and mineral supplements act as a useful safeguard against a periodic shortfall of nutrients in your diet.

  • Vitamin A supports bone growth and vision.
  • Vitamin E strengthens the immune system.

Healing Herbs

Herbs are known one of the oldest healthcare tools, and they form the basis of modern medicines. The World Health Organization estimates that a large population makes use of traditional therapies and consumes drugs that are derived from plants. Some food supplements, over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs may cause adverse effects. Synthetic dietary supplements provide essential vitamins and nutrients. Dietary supplements have whole grains and they contain plant compounds and phytonutrients. These products are better absorbed and have more potential than the conventional supplements. They are more expensive than the standard supplements and one can use them as a substitute for nutrients that can be obtained from real food.

Who Can Benefit?

Children and adults can benefit from taking one multivitamin per day. Vitamin supplements help in providing a consistent source of vitamins and micronutrients. Adding vitamin to your diet is the best way of ensuring that you get essential nutrients. It is critical to have the best food supplements to compensate a lack of nutrients in your body. Due to distinct nutritional needs, people can benefit most from taking dietary supplements.

  • Women (need extra calcium and iron)
  • Pregnant women
  • Children and teenagers having irregular eating habits
  • Old people
  • Vegetarians who have a deficiency of some vital nutrients
  • People who are dieting
  • People with eating disorders or certain medical conditions
  • People who binge mostly on processed and fast food

Know the Neg.

vitamin or herbal supplement A particular vitamin or herbal supplement can cure a chronic condition, and it can improve the quality of our life; but it is tough to find accurate health benefits of these supplements as sometimes they might not be too beneficial and their excess may cause adverse effects on your health.  They may also risk your health if taken without medical assistance. It is advised to choose the best vitamin supplements and take them under proper medical supervision for good health.

Take Home Points

If you have an idea of taking any food supplement, consult your doctor first. Just because your body needs nutrients does not mean that you take any of these without medical assistance, as sometimes, they might not be required in your body and their excess can cause any harmful effects your body. Many supplements have active ingredients that have a strong biological effect on an individual’s body. Also, the safety of these products is also not assured. Avoid getting excited by flashy advertisements of such supplements, as in some cases, advertisements can be misleading also. They may promise that these products are totally safe, natural, quick and efficient in solving many health problems. Keep yourself away from falling prey to false promises and do proper research Take Home Pointson the products that you are considering to take.Some supplements may react with other drugs or supplements that you might be taking and react adversely. The combination of supplements with drugs and medicines can be a very dangerous interaction sometimes, and it can be life threatening also. So, it is always better to consult a doctor before taking any vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements along with medicines.