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“Success is not the key to happiness, but the happiness is the key to be successful.”

Who on earth would not want to be successful and happy? Unfortunately, being happy and successful doesnot come together many a times in life. The balance of both is very important to enjoy life to its fullest.  No matter who you are and where you are, you will always find the below tips very helpful to be happy and successful in life. Go on and continue reading to check out the 10 super tips below to be happy and successful in life:

Be Happy

  1. Living in Present

With the past gone, and future to come, the only thing that you have with you is your present; so why notlive the moment.  It is futile to think and fear of uncertainties of future.Always remind yourself that you are going to overcome any such uncertainties as you have earlier handled so many of them. Stop crying or grief again and again over any of your past mistakes. Here is a short storyto be kept in mind on these lines as follows: Once a wise man addressing a small crowd of people cracked a joke, and everyone laughed at it loudly. As they stopped laughing, he cracked the same joke again, and this time, very few people laughed.Heon purpose cracked the same joke the third time, and this time, no one laughed.Then, the wise man humbly said that if you cannot laugh at the same joke again and again, then why do you cry at the same grief again and again? Hope you got the point, so move on without digging too much into your past time and again.

  1. Inspire yourself Everyday

Just like you bathe everyday to keep yourself physically clean, you should motivate yourself daily to keep yourself charged up from within. Every morning, start your day with a good dose of motivation and feel that your life is getting better day by day even if it is full of challenges.You must feel blessed that at least you have a life, and that’s why the challenges. Remember, you came on this earth with empty hands, and you have nothing to lose, only to gain.

  1. Be a good Reader

It is said that books are the best friends, as they never leave you alone and never yield you lies. Almost every great personality in this world hasthat inborn knack of reading books. If you do not believe, try to research yourself, and you would find the answer. Books are rich of knowledge and ideas.  You must try and habituate to reading if you are not already. The best way is to start by picking up something from the shelf that you are passionate about, like anything be it adventure sports, fashion, relationship, current affairs, business insider, etc., as you retire to bed before going to sleep at night. You can also choose from various genre biographies, novels, self help books, scientific journals, and even success storiesof the people you consider being most successful in your domain. There are plenty of options at your disposal.

  1. Work and LifeBalance

You work diligently, that’s great, but always try to understand that life is not just about work, work, and work. Learn to balance your life and work by keeping sometime for yourself for staying fit and healthy, and being closer to activities that amuse you and supply you with any kind of pleasure. It is important to remind you that even the slightest of your hobbies are being explored fully, and you are not missing out on anything amidst the hustle-bustle of life.

  1. Follow Your Passions – Don’t Miss on Any as Life is Short

Every one of us has some kind of hobby.It may be reading, writing, playing cricket, football or any other sports, watching movies, singing, listening or composing music, dancing, and others. You too must have some hobby which you may or may not be aware of.  If not, try and find one. You should try to give some time to your hobby. If you have very busy work schedule, you can plan it for weekends. Once you start working on your hobbies, you start enjoying those moments, and it will also relieve any of your strainsor tensions of life.It is a great way to release some of your stress too.

  1. Writing – It does not only belong to established authors or writers

Writing down about your feelingsand thoughts is a very effective way to express yourself freely without any hesitation. Studies reveal that it is another effective and efficient way to bring back positivity in your life, and gives you a sense of freedom. May be, you can bring out the hidden writer inside you.

  1. Travel – Be Aware of your Surroundings, The World is so small, and on your feet

Travelling provides a great learning opportunity. When you travel to a new place, you come to discover some exciting new things. It opens up your mind and soul. You come to know about different cultures, traditions, and customs. You can be on solo travelling trip or travel with friends or family. So, start planning for some outing.Initially, you can start with some nearby spots, and then move on to far off destinations, as sky has no limits. Pack up your bag, and the world is waiting for you.

  1. Taking Responsibility Makes you Feel More Responsible and Confident

Learn to take responsibilities. Many times, problems are too minute in reality than they appear,and seems massive withoutan amicable solution,and you tend to run away from them. The moment you decide to face it up directly and boldly, you would find it getting timid. Have faith and believe in yourself. A faith that ‘YOU CAN’ can do wonders for you. Stop giving excuses for any failure, misery or unhappiness. You are responsible for your life, and no one else. Though things would not change instantly in life, but if you try constantly with consistency, you would gradually see things moving. So, whatever be the situation is, however grave and worse it might be, try, try and try with a hope that you will succeed, which you will eventually.

  1. Exercise – Breathe Your Heart Out to Breathe

Exercise makes you healthy and physically fit. When it comes to health, your mental health too cannot be ignored. Make it a habit to exercise regularly and spare some time for meditation to reenergize your mind and soul. It is this most developed combination that the man is blessed with to even rule the animal kingdom.

  • Coffee – “A Safe Consumer” is a Happy Consumer

For those who work long hours at computers or drive, it’s a fact that nothing can be more energizing and eye opening than a hot cup of mouth-watering coffee. It has been scientifically proventhat coffee-triggers the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. These neurotransmitters create euphoria andgenerate pleasant feelings, and even fight against depression. Leave aside the addiction potential, many drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy too are known to create euphoria by triggering release of dopamine, but should not be consumed due to their high addiction potential.So, coffee is something you can try safely, but in moderation, which has other associated health benefits. It reduces the chance of developing Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, and even the risk of cardiovascular disease. So, if you are not in the habit of taking coffee, then go and grab a cup of it, but use it generously to ward off any kind of depressive feelings or negativity.


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