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Vegetables – Your Dietary Treadmill!

Belly fatis very hard to get rid of, in comparison to the fat that is accumulated in other regions of the body. Apart from giving a poor look to your personality, belly fat poses adverse health concerns too such as tiredness, cardiovascular diseases and reduction of longevity. While you are planning to red rid of it, there is good news for you that, by relying on certain vegetables, you can escalate your fight to flush out your belly fat, naturally. The fact that vegetableshave less calorie density makes them apt to burn out fat in a natural way. Try to visualize it in a way that, you are very hungry and have a bowl full of vegetables to satiate your hunger, and vegetables, being lesser in the calorie content, are not going to produce any extra amount of calories than what your body needs. Thus, limiting production of extra fat inside your body would carve out a way of burning accumulated fat. As the process continues, slowly you would lose ‘the much-stubborn’ belly fat and would start feeling lighter and positive about yourself.

Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat

Check out some of the important vegetables to be included in your diet.

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Green Leafy Vegetables 

Green leafy vegetables are very beneficial in fighting against obesity. They have rich folic acid content that metabolizes protein to stabile insulin level in the body. Variation of insulin level affects the accumulation of fat in the body. These include vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, green, beans, spinach andasparagus etc. They are also rich sources of vitamin A and vitamin C, having antioxidant properties.

Vegetables Rich in Anthoxanthin

Now how would you identify that a particular vegetable contains Anthoxanthin? Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a geek in Chemistry to do the chemical test for identifying the chemical composition of any vegetable that is on your plate. The vegetables, which are white in color like mushrooms, cauliflower, turnips, onions and parsnips etc., have Anthoxanthin in them. They are very efficient in reducing the overall cholesterol level in your body and also help in controlling blood pressure.

Vegetables Rich in Lycopene

The vegetables that are rich in Lycopene have greater antioxidant-content, making them capable of reducing any chances of heart blockages by cleaning out the arteries. Again, these vegetables can be identified with their reddish color like tomatoes, beets, red onion and red cabbages etc.

Vegetables Rich in Beta Carotene

Vegetables containing Beta Carotene can be identified with their characteristic orange and yellow color like corn, pumpkin, yellow and orange peppers, yellow tomatoes, and carrots etc. Carotene reduces the oxidative stress and also proves to be very beneficial for your eyes and skin. These vegetables also have high vitamin C content, again a vital component for fighting the belly fat and reducing stress hormones.

Vegetables Rich in Fiber

Fibers are the indigestible parts of a plant, and as a result, they don’t add to your calorie count of a meal. Pinto beans are very effective in cutting down fats; they are slower to digest due to their high fiber content, and thus, you don’t feel hungry for longer time, if you have beans in your meal. Other vegetables, rich in fibers include cauliflower,cabbage, celery, squash and broccoli etc. You should try to have a bowl of fiber-rich vegetable every day. They are very good, even for your bowel movement and keeping your stomach clear.

Starchy Vegetables to Be Limited

Starchy vegetables like plantains corn, peas,potatoes and sweet potatoes etc., are very rich in calories. Therefore, these vegetables need to be taken in small quintiles to limit your calorie intake

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Hope you find the list helpful, giving you fundamental know-how to start your battle against belly fat. It is not that hard; it is in fact easy;your ultimate aim should be to intakelesser calories than you would burn, so that body starts spending the extra saved fat. So, start adding colors to your plate with various fresh vegetables, and eventually, add colors to your life too.Try to make smarter changes in your dietary habit. Include vegetable snacks in between your meals, if you feel hungry. Always try to stuff up your soup or pasta witha bunch of extra veggies. Always include a lot of salad, having good portion of vegetables like tomatoes, lemon, onion and green leafy vegetables.As you develop these habits steadily, you would start feeling the change in your body and find yourself healthier, lighter and fitter than before.


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