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Why Is Health the Real Wealth and a Precious Gift That We Tend to Ignore?

From the words of Virgil, we can say that – The greatest wealth is your health!

People usually have different perspectives to their lives. Health is a comprehensive concept and it includes everything; like spiritual wellness, strength and many other things. On the other end, wealth means the richness of person in terms of money and material things. When a person is healthy, he has to potential to accumulate wealth. However, if he is not, then he cannot work productively and will not be able to generate income for an independent living. There is nothing more valuable than good health in life. Nowadays, people are interested in two major aspects of a living, and that are – health and wealth. Both of these are two different things, but both of them are essential for a satisfying and enjoyable life. However, we tend to ignore the fact that health is closely related to wealth. If you want to accumulate more and more wealth in your life, then you need to focus more on keeping yourself healthy. Taking care of your body is not less than any big work and you also need to sacrifice a lot of things like what you eat, the way you spend time etc. However, small sacrifices make a big difference in your life. It is surely good to make more money and have time to spend that money in all the luxuries. But, these days, people are more influenced by wealth and they don’t pay enough attention to their health. They don’t realize that without health, there is no real happiness in the world. An unhealthy but wealthy person will never be able to enjoy all the pleasures of life. The people who focus more on wealth are not acting wise. Our main priority should be to maintain our health in the best way possible. A healthy life can be the greatest gift that one can give to himself and enjoy his life.

Stimulate Health to Accumulate Wealth!

Remain Positive

It is important to have a positive outlook and mindset in the beginning of each day. You will face challenges and issues on a daily basis with the people around you. At your workplace, you should realize that your co-workers are also on the same level as you are. Moreover, it is important to take care of not only your finances but your physical health also. By being positive, you will notice a change in your body chemistry as well, which is brought in as an effect of positive thinking. Negative emotions like anger and stress can bring on a myriad of illnesses, and on the other side, a positive attitude can give you a clearer picture and it will also leave a positive impact of your personality on the people you meet.


One of the most important things that you need in order to make good amount money is ‘energy.’ It includes not only the physical energy but mental energy as well. If you are in a habit of having an improper diet regularly and do not take proper care of your body, then your body will tend to get fatigued more quickly than it should be. If you have sufficient energy, you can work harder, and it is needless to say that the more you work hard, the more you can earn money.

Do Not Mess with Stress

Stress is that ugly monster that makes it difficult for you to work and accomplish your goals. When you eat well and exercise well and allow your body to get proper rest, your body will regulate levels of stress. So, keep your mind and body stress-free to work better.

Long for Longevity

Having healthy food and taking proper care of your body enables you to lead a long and happy life. It allows you to have more time to enjoy all the wealth that you have accumulated by working hard. If you were unhealthy, it would become difficult for you to live the life as expected by you.

To Do List for a Healthy Life

People can stay fit in many ways. Some of these are as follows:

  • Spend time in the lap of Mother Nature. Like you can go to parks and gardens etc., to be close to the natural environment.
  • It is also essential to do physical exercises like walking, playing, etc. as it keeps people healthy, both physically as well as mentally.
  • Water is the best medicine for all sorts of ailments. So you should drink ample water to stay fit and healthy.
  • Having a balanced diet keeps you away from all types of illnesses.
  • You should eliminate the words like smoking, drinking, etc., from your life-dictionary as these unhealthy habits cause harm to your internal body organs.
  • It is often advised to stay optimistic and cheerful about life as it helps you to stay away from many illnesses.
  • Apart from this, we should not ruin our health by getting crazy over wealth. We live once and if we live it right, it is more than sufficient.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – For a Better Life, from Front to Hind

From the words of A.J. Reb Materi, we can say that – Many people tend to spend their health in an effort of gaining wealth, and after some time, they have to spend their wealth for regaining their health!

The success of people who push themselves to work more hours in a day can be fleeting. Their physical weakness can bring them closer to many illnesses caused due to stress and this hinders their progress. If you ignore your health, you may have to lose money by not being able to keep up with the pace in the corporate race, both physically as well as emotionally. If your goal is to give peak performance even if your health suffers then there is no way of achieving optimum growth. When you are not healthy, you tend to have low self-confidence and this may affect your business. If you are unhealthy, your opinions about everything become negative. It may seem to be hard, but it is important to gift yourself good health. There is no point of being successful and financially fit if you are still unhealthy. You may want to travel to some places but if your health is not allowing you to do the same, then all you would be doing is sitting in a lounge watching people swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling; and just yearning if you could also get into this adrenaline rush, but sadly you could not due to health issues. When you become wealthy, you can take your family and friends out for a vacation, but you may not be able to have all fun that other people may have, if you suffer from bad health. You may not get an opportunity to participate in activities that others can take part in and you may end up envying them and feeling angry at yourself, because it is you who have allowed yourself to be unhealthy. An unfit body eventually shows up different signs of illnesses and it can have a great impact on your life. A person with a fit body can accumulate wealth easily and enjoy the worldly pleasures too.

Don’t forget the old adage – “Health Is Wealth!”


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