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If you are experiencing depression for the first time you may well simply not know what is happening to you. Now a day’s depression is talked about a little more in all societies than it used to be. However, depression is widespread doesn’t restrict to any specific culture, race, religion and country. Though, it is still an area of mystery in some societies. As a result,it makes very hard for people to deal with.


At first it may be sadness and lethargy feeling that creeps into emotions and mind, and potentially that could instigate mild depression. But potentially there are many different levels of depression

As time passes by you may find few people around who see your pain, but they may well not know what to do or say. Others such as your relatives, friends and even doctor will try insisting you get a grip on yourself and get on with living.

There seems no point in doing anything such as the things that used to motivate you, like reading, partying, cooking or going out with friends for movies and dinner. At its worst it is like heavy cloud that dominate human intellect and feeling of sudden attack, harm and severe anxiety as if something terrible is going to take place. Worst part is no one can hear or understand your cry. You just want to come out of it but some power is not letting you do that.

Different people experience depression differently, it is the worst non-physical pain known to humans. One of the most striking things about depression is its horrifying inevitability. Many people who are depressed get better on their own, but feeling low can escalate and some of us are all too familiar with confused and hopelessness that can characterize a deeper depression.

Doctors regard this as an illness and sometimes may treat it with drugs, talking therapy and counselling. Sometime taking help of doctors is inevitable the way we seek help when we are physically ill, it’s similar to that when our mind or emotions are sick. Therefore, getting in touch with your doctor is correct decision rather than waiting symptoms to ease off on it sown.

Whatever kind of depression is, it is important to see your doctor, he or she may well offer some medication; that could be life saver. There are several different types of anti-depressant drugs available in the market and it is often a case of finding the one that will suit you the best. Some medications take several days to take effect. Some argues that drugs are not the complete answer; they can lift the mood so that life can be coped with.

One specific moment becomes hugely unbearable when people struggle to find some meaning and purpose in life.

Actions that we can take

First of all we must be kind to ourselves regardless having many questions about life, death and whacky experience such as if God is there then why this world is that unpleasant, maybe he must be very angry or busy, why did he leave us in this situations or talking to God that if you take these feelings away then I will love you forever and will do anything you want but please take out of me for God sake!

  1. I know it’s hard to be kind to yourself and God. But we can think things that will definitely make us feel better
  2. We are being punished due to a number of reasons that we don’t know, so that is just part of the evidence that God is just fed up with us and has chosen to throw some sort of unpleasant situations on us. Hence, we need to do well and think good.
  3. Accept what is happening so that we move closer to cure to come out of it
  4. It takes time to get to the top or plummeting down. Wanting is a great start but actual climbing take time and efforts. Therefore, dealing with depression takes time, so patience is the key.
  5. Get plenty of rest. Many unpleasant feelings triggers as a result of mental and physical tiredness.
  6. Do little things that you enjoy even if they are tiny or only kids do that

Realize a notion that these very worst moments do actually pass. Because everything in this world has got expire date in other words good things or bad things they all have end. Hence, these feeling what you are going through now will not be there one day, but today they are there and hurting you. But part of the solution is that this moment will also become past after some time.


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