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Stomach is a very vital organ, it’s a place where absorption of nutrients and energy takes place which helps to run our body. It can be compared with an internal combustion engine, which burns out the fuel to extract its energy and produces thrust to propel the vehicle. There is a direct proportionality between digestive wellness and the physical & mental well being of a person. It won’t be wrong if we say that a healthy mind always resides in the body with a healthy stomach! Frequently, we come across various digestive complaints like gastric problems, bloating, heartburn, burping, indigestion, duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer etc. There could be various causes for them; however, by following the right combination of foods in your diet wisely, we can easily relieve our stomach and restore it to normal functioning.

Tummy Troubles – Belly Welly!

Take your food as your medicine and it will result in making your medicine to be your food,understood from the well known quote by the great Hippo crates. Very true, but remember this that even the best dietary regime will not be of any use if you don’t have a well functioning digestive system. As a result, foods would drain out without their nutrient being absorbed to its fullest.


Foods can do much more than just bettering your moods. Right foods can do much more than that; they can work for the betterment of your health, than just your mood! Below are some of the foods that can be followed easily to soothe and improve your digestion and other stomach related problems. But before you check out the list, know about the most common mistake that most of us make in the very first step of the digestion process. And it is ‘chewing’! Ideally, we should give 20-25 chews per bite so that it is finely churned and mixed with saliva for further process to be executed on it as it is ingested. To get into this habit, initially you can start counting in your head while you eat. Having learnt the very first step for a proper digestion process, now check out the list of these super foods for a “super-duper stomach”.

Infuse Some Aloe VeraJuice into Your System!

It is widely used as a medicinal plant and is known to have healing properties, especially to heal the skin in case of sunburns and other related problems. It is found to have very positive effect on digestion as well. Dieticians recommend taking a spoonful of Aloe Vera juice before the meals. Apart from healing the internal lining of the intestine, it triggers the secretion of various digestive enzymes and juices by theinternal glands.

Listen to Your Stomach Ringer for the Ginger!

Ginger too has anti-microbial properties, and also stimulates digestion and proves to be very effective against gastric problems. Ginger tea could be easily served hot; especially in winters; it is most efficient and effective against cold and cough.

Be Smarter – Have Daily Some Coconut Water!

Coconut is a fruit with plenty of minerals, vitamins and essentialextracts. It has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties. Taking coconut water regularly is very beneficial for digestion related issues and for your overall health. It helps to expel out toxic substances from the body.

Be Wise, Eat Rice!

Rice is a good source of fiber, which is considered to be very good for the stomach. Rice water is often recommended in case of diarrhea and dysentery. It is easy to be digested and reduces load on your stomach, helping it to restore back to normal functioning.

Make the Bowl of Yoghurt Your Food-Mate Everyday!

Yoghurt is known to form protective layer over the lining of theintestine and is found to be beneficial for gastric related issues. Blending it with fruits like apple and banana along with honey can prove to be very effective.

Juice It Up!

Liquid diet is found to be very powerful instrument in curing various kinds of digestion related problems, ranging from indigestion to even ulcers. Juice of lemon mixed with salt, pineapple juice, grapes juice, orange juice, and watermelon juice, all are very effective. Similarly, vegetable juice of carrot and spinach is also found to be very effective.


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