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Ayurveda is a practice that is based on herbs, diet and natural healing process. Therefore, most Ayurveda recipes can be prepaid at the kitchen itself. One thing is worth mentioning here is that mostly all diseases whichever we experience in daily life can be cured by Ayurveda healing process. According to Ayurveda, every illness is caused due to various imbalances of the elements in the body such as dhatus and imbalance of doshas; as a result most of us experience illness and go to doctor or tend to take supplements consisting of recommended vitamins and carbohydrates. Ayurveda heals various diseases and encourages a long healthy life for human beings, which generally no other medical practice assures without any side effects

Basic ingredients of Ayurveda’s are root, stems or leaves of the plants that are used to heal most of the internal organ ailments. We intend to offer remedies that heal most diseases, this week we talk about importance of basil leaves that is also called tulsi in India. Before discussing about basil leaves remedy let’s talk about the basic nature of basil

  1. Basil has omega 3 fatty acid which is vital to human body, also vitamin C is also hugely important which leads to deficiency if body lacks it
  2. Basil leaves work as antioxidants and has antibacterial nature
  3. Basil has vitamin A, magnesium and many more nutrients that can help protect cell walls and help improve blood flow and control cholesterol
  4. Basil treats in inflammatory disorder
  5. Basil protects from kidney stones and heart problems

Natural remedy for heartburn & indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion happens when acid leaks up and causes inflammation. Basil leaves are one of the effective treatments of digestion or related helps enzymes to flow smoothly from gallbladder to pancreas and thereafter facilitate entire digestion system to function properly. It also creates more saliva in your mouth and tongue which eventually activates the enzymes in the body that help digest food easily. Hence making a habit of chewing basil leaves are highly recommended in order to stay away from doctors and terrible diseases. Following remedies are also helpful if basil leaves are added into everyday diet:

  1. Recovering from fever- basil leaves are helpful to recover from fever, whenever there is fever in the family you can try this simple and very effective recipe. Boiling leaves along with cardamom in about half a glass of water then mixing sugar or honey with it can be taken every after two to three hour. This recipe brings down temperature and work better than any other medicine
  2. Chewing basil leaves can relieve a cold and flu symptom, which is highly recommended especially in cold countries in Europe and America.
  3. Basil leave is good remedy for headache, after boiling basil leaves in about half a glass of water and taking couple of sips in every after one hour works well to relieve pain and swelling.


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