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The Sugar Free Diet Which You Can’t Afford to Ignore

As per the recent statistics, a horrifying number (29.1 million people) in the States are suffering from diabetes, out of which, a shoc1king 8.1 million might still not be undiagnosed or are totally unaware about their condition. According to BBC Diabetes cases in UK soared by 60% only in last one decade.

Extrapolating it further, more than 1 in every 10 individuals in the age group of 20’sand oldersuffers from diabetes and around 4 in every 10 people in the age group of 65 and older suffers from this sugary demon.

The Sweet and Deadly Demon

 2Diabetes today has become one of the most critical health issues that need proper care and cutting down on sugar by the one who’s suffering from it. Here lies the main reason why one should avoid consuming excessive sugar, but apart from this, obesity is another health problem, due to which, you need to stay away from sugar. Sometimes, it may become really difficult to manage such a strict schedule, but you need to understand the situation, knowing the “health is only the supremest wealth”. If you are able to get a good health, it would help you achieve a better standard of living that you dream for.

A Brief Idea about Sugar Free Diet

It’s difficult to arrange a meal free from sugars, but nowadays, people have come up with some highly exclusive and excellent ideas to prepare a diet devoid of core sugar. However, you should consult your physician before preparing a full diet chart according to your health needs. Your doctor/nutritionist would examine your entire health and would prescribe the foods mentioning the particular sugar level. You need to follow a particular diet format in order to ensure a better health, free from diabetes or obesity, which actuates many other life-threatening diseases.

Some Easy Ways to Avoid Sugar

Here are given some useful tricks, using which, you can easily cut off the sugar level in your food without compromising on the taste.3 Consider the following points:

Replace sugar with the artificial sweeteners such as Rapadura or Sucanat that would help you to have a similar taste but at the same time, helping in the reduction of the core sugar level.

You can use some fruits as natural sweeteners that would add a different touch to your recipe an even you can have the nice sweet flavor.

Using raw honey can be the best way to cut down sugar where you can get the exclusive savor of honey as well as the sweetness that you want to have.

Try Stevia that has its roots in South America, which is basically a herb that possesses a natural sweet flavor. You can easily apply the herb that would make the food sweet to taste and even you can eliminate the negative impacts of sugar.

Overall, these are the options that you can try out preparing sweet foods without sugar.

Cut Down on Sugar Naturally

4Below are some beneficial tips that you can easily follow to cut down the sugar level in your diet automatically. See what you have to do:

Avoid consuming muffins, syrups, baked beans (sweetened) and other sweetened beverages that may taste great but would reduce your overall health condition. Instead, you can take some fresh vegetables or protein-based foods.

Try to take sourdough bread replacing the normal bread that contains added sugars or honey. The sourdough bread carries a really amazing savor and you would love to have it.

Use the savory grains rather than the sweetened ones that are not at all good for your health. Consuming such grains, you can get the required carbohydrates, and they serve well for your health too.

Replace your dessert with simple fruits that contain natural sweeteners. Desserts carry excessive sugar and thus their consumption is not good for your health.

So, you can get a clear view about the natural ways that would aid you to consume lesser sugars. In this way, you can lead a happy and peaceful life, free from any diseases that may hamper your overall lifestyle. And along with you, your family also would suffer, and thus, it’s your responsibility to stay fit.

How to Break the Sugar Addiction?

Addicted to sugar? Here are some simple ways to get rid of such addiction and you can explore a healthy lifestyle as you dream for:

  • Mix a half of plain yogurt with that of sweetened one that would encourage you to cut down the excessive addiction to sugar.
  • Cut off the desserts after lunch and have it only after dinner that would reduce the chances of consuming too much of the addicted sugars.5
  • Gradually reduce the level of sugar in your daily recipes and ensure that you get habituated with foods having low sugars.
  • Are you familiar with the hidden sugars? Yes chewing gums, baked beans, tomato sauce all contains sugars that you consume unknowingly. So, now you try to cut on these foods from your daily routine.
  • Cereals can be the best food for your breakfast. But you should be careful while choosing, as many of them get loaded with high sugar level. Select the one that’s free from any added sugars and you can easily avoid unnecessary addiction.
  • Feeling extreme urge to have some sweets? Go for a walk that would help you to stay away from the cravings and even you can lose some calories.
  • Avoid skipping meals because when you go out without having breakfast your blood sugar level falls that leads to excessive urge of having sugars. So, you need to maintain a proper diet chart ensuring that the sugar level in your body remains balanced.

Therefore, you can easily come out from the addiction to sugars, thereby, maintaining the preferred lifestyle free from any worries of getting these health disorders. Also, you can manage a good weight along with the perfect attitude cutting down the excess corpulence that gets accumulated due to the calories from sweets.


Finally, you can imagine a life without sugar or comparatively with less sugar that shows you the right path to success. As you maintain well, you can get the inspiration to come out with a better performance, both in social as well as in professional life.
The parents should make their children aware of the health benefits motivating them to consume less sugar. In this way, a society free from obesity and diabetes can be established. Also, it’s important to know how much sugar one should consume, as low sugar levels would also give rise to other health issues. So, one needs to get informed about all the health factors and accordingly add sugars to their foods.


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