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Is the thought of being single worries you and make you sad! Well, think again then. Look at the brighter side of being called Single&Happy. Both, one’s who are single by choice and those who are forced out of wedlock and being single, can have a variety of options and ways to be relishing this status of singularity. There are multiple ways of making yourself happy while enjoying the status of being neither committed nor married. Here are the options that you can explore and indulge in:

Life Goal – Happiness is within. Focus on what makes you happy.

Life is not devoid of petty things. You always must have thought of Life Goalachieving a life goal that would not have been possible in your pre-occupied life. Now that you are free, please use the moment to reach out that goal of yours that had taken a back seat. Invest your time and energy in reaching closer to that ambition. Make your life goal the journey of your life blissful. Make all possible attempts by reaching out in all directions, exploring all things that you require to make your dream come true. In doing so, you will see a positive energy seeping in you with each passing day, taking you a step closer to your destiny. However, tough the challenges are, at least you should not regret at the end of not giving your best in trying and in all probabilities of achieving the most loved goal of yours.

Spare thoughts for others

Your life goal, for example, could be to serve others in making them realize their life ambition; it could be serving elders, destitute and disadvantaged sections and persons with disabilities. Thereis a lot that you can do for others that will not only bring cheers and happiness in their lives but can also provide you more insights that you can teach to others in doing social service. Remember, a government cannot do everything, it does require support from its citizens. You can be a vital link between a policy formulation and its successful implementation. Through your social work, you can help administration identify challenges in the implementation of social welfare measures and make better policy. You can become that vital link between the government and ultimate beneficiaries of the welfare measures by your work in the social sector selflessly, a moment that you can cherish with many more.

Read and write – Books are your Best Friends, Remembers Good Ones are Too Good, and knowledge cannot be stolen nor do go waste at any point in time.

There is nothing like investing time in reading and writing. You Read and writenever know you can be a good writer, researcher, or a good novelist and can contribute in the literary work of a nation. Reading and writing can help you gain a lot of knowledge and insights into the prevailing situation of society. Your immense knowledge gained through reading books, research reports, and novels can prove to be the building blocks for many to learn and follow and can go a long way in improving the lives of many. Remember there is never late than sorry, so better use the moment of your singularity and freedom from all sorts of domestic songstress, and immerse yourself in the sea of knowledge and wisdom by following the path shown by literary works.

Every life is a Journey – So why not plan a trip to lead your life

Another way of enjoying the status of being single is to use the moment to go to places you have never had a chance before, but you always wanted to visit. Make a travel plan, organise it with right planners and service providers. This could be your chance of not only visiting many places, but can also let you meet many people; explore many things like different cultures and practices. While you are on a trip to places, you can make friends and create a travelogue for others to take benefit from your activity. There are many people who can benefit from your right advice,hence, be the person most-sought-after to guide others by visiting places.

Be a role model to spread happiness to get happiness – Happiness comes by giving and not by taking.

The list is endless to those above-mentioned options. There are endless options at your disposal that you can explore just to ensure that you are happy while being single. The more you become inquisitive, the more options you will be able to identify to make your life worth a lesson for others to follow. Remember there is always a reason for you to be happy, just take a step forward and you will find yourself marching forward on the path of your dream destiny.


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