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There is no denying about frequent occurrences of stress and anxiety while at work. Reasons could be many, be it high-load of work pressure, not getting favourable work environment, adamant boss, peer pressure, and the nature of deadline meeting job requirement. There have been many reported cases of health problems due to stress at work. If not addressed and taken preventive measures in a timely fashion, the consequences could be hazardous. Here are some ways you can manage work-related stress.

Listen to Instrumental Music

Sound music to your ears can have a very soothing effect on you and keep you active while at work. So,during work you can tune in to some music. You can listen to instrumental playlist. It will not only keep you focussed but can also help in reducing the stress part which otherwise might take a toll on you. Many people have observed that the instrumental music doesn’t distract, rather keep one upbeat and re-energizes.

Take breaks at regular intervals

It is not suggested to work long hours at a stretch. What is advisable is that if short breaks are planned between long duration works, it helps improve the efficiency while reducing the stress level. Breaks keep in check the long-seating work arrangement and allow you to breathe easy while going through heavy load of project assignments.

Plan light snacks

Are you a foodie! If so, you have the best remedy. This is related to eating, of course. Keep your fingers busy in munching light snacks while handling some heavy-duty work to ensure it doesn’t drain you enough. Regular intake of light foods and soft drinks like juice will keep you active and going. Taking coffee breaks can also boost you and keep the stress part at bay.

Social Networking

It is always considered one of the best remedies to manage stress. Try connecting with people and share thoughts and days happening; discuss with them what’s happening at their ends. If you are in office and working, you can take a little break and can chit chat with your colleagues. This little chat in between your work can also have positive impact in terms of reducing the stress level.

Motivating Videos

You can watch short but highly inspiring movies as it is another best option in order to get rid of the tedious and stressful work you are handling. You can get a lot more options if you Google it up or have access to YouTube. There are really very good and inspiring movies from various parts of the world that you can scan and watch.

Plan Short Trips

Are you engrossed in long-duration project work that is not only keeping you busy and stressful but also resulting in problems at the family level! It is not something you can avoid. However, you can better manage it while not losing in terms of the timely completion of your project work. You can plan short weekend trips with your family or friends to rejuvenate yourself. A short visit to some nearby tourist place or any place you prefer to visit can be a good source of inspiration and can recharge you in balancing out the equation between work and life.

Play Outdoor Games

Among the other best remedies to prevent work stress, outdoor games are highly recommended. Not only sports will help you keep physically fit, but also it keeps you mentally sound and focussed. It lets you make feel light and joyous, and hence, keep the stress away. Game of any sort be it football, volleyball, badminton,or tennis can help maintain your fitness level. Many reputed companies organise sports for their employees as an exercise to reduce the stress level. You can take a clue from this, as the very motive behind it, which is very much tried and tested and produced wonderful results in terms of improved work performance. So, try engaging in some sports activity if you have not done it yet.

Social work – It’s not only the responsibility of NGO’s

Do some charity. It is not like that you can do charity only if you are rich. There are many other ways of doing charity and not necessarily based on paying big money. You can be a part of a local community service and contribute in any manner either by helping them in their work to reach out to needy people or helping them in some manner. There is a lot that you can do to do away with your mundane work of stressful life.

For example, you can teach underprivileged children’s who live in slums and help them ensure better education so that they can improve their living conditions, or you can plant some trees and take along the children to make them aware about the environment and how to manage it. The list is endless if you think of doing some social and community work. You can also take some hygiene lessons in between and clean up your surroundings.


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