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How to Prevent and Control Asthma?

“As long as you are breathing fine, you still have the chance for a better and happier life.”

On this note, it is essential to take actions to manage and control asthma, and to learn the tricks to prevent it from its occurrence.  There is a need to learn about bronchial asthma and ways of managing it. The best strategy to deal with such an annoying illness is to identify the triggering factors, avoiding them at best as possible, and even if you have unfortunately contracted it, you should try and keep it under control by effectively managing your symptoms and again avoiding your triggers at any cost. Remember that you can never afford to avoid exercising in any case and at any given time as it can certainly make a significant impact on your quality of life. It is extremely prudent to discuss with a qualified medical practitioner if you are skeptical about any such symptoms, and you should seek higher level of care and help from an expert for management of asthma symptoms. If you have an asthma strike, look at the various factors that might have contributed to its flare. You should undergo an allergy testing to pinpoint your triggers, and take necessary precautions against each.

To Breathe Freely, Purposefully, and consciously, here is a list of some of the Most Common Triggers that induce AsthmaUntitled

  • Air pollution
  • Active and/or even passive smoking
  • Seasonal allergies and allergies to pollen
  • Frequent colds and flu virus exposure
  • Exposure to extremely cold air
  • Lack of exposure to direct sun light and being indoors
  • Mold and dust mite, animal dander, and cockroach droppings in your surroundings
  • Quick and frequent temperature variations
  • Sinusitis
  • Strong odors and artificial fragrances

To Have the Courage, strength, and Wisdom of 10 Tigers, Keep Breathing – A few Tips will help you Control and Manage Asthma Symptoms Successfully

Use allergic reaction proof covers for your cushions and mattresses

It is essential to clean your bed linens in hot water above 130 degree Fahrenheit to get rid of insects and use home de-humidifier to reduce excess moisture.

Do not allow animals in rooms or furnishings

Pet, Plant, Pollen – A typical bronchial asthma attack is difficult toUntitled2 rule out entirely as for most of us animals are just like our close relatives.

Eliminate floor coverings and stuffed toys from rooms

If carpet cannot be removed, vacuum it twice a week with a cleaner equipped with air filter. Ask your physician about washing items that are best to use.

Fix leaking taps

Mold is a typical asthma trigger. To decrease this pattern in your house, remove indoor plants, keep washrooms clean and dry by opening windows and using bathroom exhaust in washrooms after every single use.

Avoid smokers den

Active smoking and residual smoke on clothing, furnishings or curtains can induce bronchial asthma strike. Be sure to ask for a smoke-free hotel while travelling and avoid smokers at any cost.

Avoid harsh washing items and chemicals

Strong fumes and odors and industrial chemical cleaners can also trigger bronchial asthma. Avoid breathing in gases in-house and avoid their visibility away from home as much as possible.

Reduce pressure

Intense emotions and worry often intensifies bronchial asthma symptoms, so take necessary actions to eliminate or at least minimize stress in your life.

Pay attention to quality of air in your surroundings

Extremely moist weather and poor air quality can aggravate asthma signs for many individuals. Limit your outdoor activity when these conditions exist or at times of release of contamination alerts by the environmentalists.

Working out indoors

Physical action is essential for individuals with bronchial asthma. Slow up the risk for exercise-induced bronchial asthma attacks by working out on normal cool or warm days as per your tolerance.

Diligently follow your allergies, and seek help from an expert if needed

Allergies and bronchial asthma are closely related, so discuss with your physician if you have hay fever. Use prescription medicines only and as directed by your physician.

Ensure that individuals around you know that you have bronchial asthma

It’s essential for close relatives, friends, co-workers and trainers to recognize the signs of bronchial asthma strike and know what to do during an emergency.

Consult your kid’s instructors and trainers

Chalk and dirt too can induce bronchial asthma strike, so make sure that your kid sits away from chalkboards in class. His or her trainers should provide essential info about bronchial asthma signs during exercise.

Be prepared

Know the location of closest hospital to your house, job, and your kid’s university and/or school. When you are travelling, locate the closest urgent facility beforehand if asthma strike occurs.


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