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Fruits Vegetables that Heal

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Time has come when we need to redefine HE Darwin’s natural selection theory phrase “survival of the fittest” from the perspective of our “Mother Nature”. We have this vital example of flora & fauna surviving against all odds of nature. Nature has designed everything for their complete survival. It might sound like a deep-rooted philosophy but nature has all the answers for every question that it is raising. As a human being, we can also answer these questions with the help of nature. We can replace certain medicines partially with natural remedies and this article is an attempt in that direction.

What is Hunger Pangs

This is the simplest thing from where you can start it, accommodate natural & fresh foods in your lifestyle, and avoid all those packaged supplements where they add unnecessary calories to the game because they need to add that extra punch of the taste into it. Hunger is an innocent process; it is a signal that you need something to eat. Hunger may strike you because you need some calories to run the business and it can strike you because of your digestive system as well. Never forget that our digestive system is a disciplined body and it needs some routine work to keep it active. This is why, it causes some hunger pangs.

Fiber of the Fresh Foods and Fruits against Obesity

Entertain your digestive system more with fibers and all the fresh fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber. They may have their share of nutrients present in them but you can always have them as a rich source of fiber. They are easy on the digestive system and contain fewer calories. This is why; they are a better choice when we compare them with junk food options and other fried food options.

New “Honey Jam” against Heart Attack

You have fruits and vegetable image 2a sweet tooth and you have had a heart attack. Make a paste of honey and cinnamon. Store it in a cool and dark place. Apply it like a jam on the toasts and breads and have it in your breakfast. This is a deadly combination for the blocked arteries and veins. In the resent past, some nursing homes in USA tried this mix and it was successful in many cases. If you are under regular monitoring of experts, then try this solution and check the results for yourself. If you are suffering from a loss of breath, then again this mix can help you in regaining your heartbeat considerably. Medical experts can use this mix as a partial replacement, and once the things start moving on the right track, you can continue with it on your own.

2 G’s against the Attack of Asthma

You do not fall in the trap of Asthma overnight; this is a condition that overpowfruits and veg image 3ers you after many sub-conditions happen. Regular use of “garlic & ginger” can cut down the possibilities of an asthma attack considerably. Anti-inflammatory function of ginger has the capacity to cleanse your lungs against the pollution that your lungs face in daily life. Garlic is rich in allicin; this ingredient will help you in fighting against inflammation and destroy unnecessary radicals that can give rise
to certain other situations that can cause asthma attacks. If you have a family history of asthma

fruit and veg image 4then these two ingredients can act like a perfect preventive method. It can also cut down the numbers of the attacks if you have already reached in the higher stages of Asthma.


Beetroot Juice Can Deal With the Root Cause of Low Blood Pressure
Beetroot juice has the capacity to increase the flow of the blood because of the presence of electrolytes in it. If you are under the attack of low blood pressure, then it can be a natural remedy for you. People hate it because of the taste of this juice. Here you can mix it with pineapple juice and add some flavor to this “red health Tumbler”. If you are running through a severe attack of low blood pressure and have this intention to cure it without the help of a medicine, then it can be a great solution for you. Beetroot juice, salt water and a regular cup of coffee can help you in this condition. Once you are out of the blues and your body gets a recovery on its own, then you can cut down the quantum of above-mentioned things. Never forget, medicine should be the last resort in case of low blood pressure. The cure should be in the form of nutrition, as medicine could become an addiction as well.

Rx – Potato Chilly, Cabbage and Milk…This is how prescriptions may look in future; in the recent past, we have seen the advent of clinics, which are keen to replace medicines with fruits and vegetables related nutritious. It is more or less like a return to that blissful state of innocence where nature was the biggest healer. Never forget fruits and vegetables are the gifts of nature awarded to human kind. We are sailing in the same boat of “Seasons”. These foods are nurturing themselves against the same atrocities of nature that we are facing. They are symbiotic with us and they are like our best friends. In the initial run of certain diseases, they can be the most dependable option for us.


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