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How to become a positive thinker?

1How to become a positive thinker

Becoming positive thinker is something we all desire for! However, it is one of those things which demand huge amount of will power and mental strength. Some of us try practise positive thinking in our day to day lives, but not many people are successful in achieving tangible results. No matter what it takes to become positive in life, there is just a little difference between people who think positive and who don’t. We will be discussing ways whereby attitude and willing to think out of the box makes you achieve positivity in life. Hence, daily practice may lead you to see the change in your health, mind and life in general.

Positive thinkers are optimists who have learned to turn their negative thoughts into positive actions. By maintaining a positive outlook in life, positive thinkers actually improve their chances of success; their positive outlook towards life encourages and helps them to achieve the highest possible goals.
If you tend to dwell on negative thoughts, you can learn to become a positive thinker. All you need to do is to establish a personal system for changing your pessimistic thoughts into optimistic ones. Following guidelines will get you started.

Identify your negative thoughts

The first step is to learn to recognise your negative thoughts or observations. Listen to your thoughts throughout the day, and pay attention to your reactions. Negative thoughts are associated with negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, jealousy, shame or depression. Once you have understood the cause it will become easy to manage them effectively as we manage other things in life very efficiently. Next step is to write them down and while writing try describes them, also cover associated emotions and actions too, as it would help later.

Reviewing the record

Read what have you written and ask yourself why you reacted negatively. Try to discover the source of your negative thinking. Look to see whether you have distorted or misinterpreted the situation. As you review your points, your approach to each situation should be positive and constructive.

Adopt new thinking

Next task is to look at the negative statement again, then refute them and replace each negative statement or thought with a positive response. Use these positive thoughts the next time you experience the same situations.

Converting negative thoughts into positive ones will help you become a positive thinker. But you also need to be realistic. Positive thinkers are not surprised when things go wrong and their realistic approach actually strengthens their positive thinking.

The following suggestions will help you to be optimistic without being unrealistic.

  • Become a problem solver; see failure as a challenge that begs for a better solution
  • Don’t limit yourself to one solution. Everything that doesn’t work brings you that much closer to an answer.
  • Be prepared for problem so you are able to minimize the impact
  • Look for goodaspect in bad or extremely bad circumstances

There are some other listed below to achieve balance between optimism and pessimism.

  • Be cheerful- Being happy all the time is unrealistic, but being cheerful is realistic approach when you are not in a guaranteed remedy for preventing negativity
  • Stretch boundaries- Optimists believe that their best work is still ahead, and they are constantly striving to improve themselves. To be optimistic and realistic you need to look for opportunities to learn new things, gain new experience and insights.
  • Increase appreciation- Choose to appreciate is not only a finer things in life, but also simpler one. .
  • Find partial solutions- When things seem overwhelming, it is a necessity to make some little start, as they might navigate you toward solving problem
  • Be flexible-The ability to remain flexible when things don’t go as planned is what allow s us to remain positive and to continue to benefit from the strength of attitude
  • Share positivity- By seeing things froma positive perspective, you help others to do so as well.

Positive thinkers have capacity for self-renewal,, when problems arise they use a variety of tools and find solutions. Followings are the techniques to implement

  • Surrounded by positive and interesting people, good team makes a huge difference
  • Be open to new ideas and people
  • Exploring spiritual interests
  • Spend time with kids, young adults and elderly
  • Go for holidays 2

Establishing positive thinking is more than just talking yourself into a positive outlook. It requires an appropriate approach that begins when we identify our negative thoughts. Once we identify negative thinking we can apply positive thinking techniques to each and every situation. If we carry on practising discussed things, given the time we will get used to the best practise to lead comfortable life.


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